21 Funny comedy shows go at home

There is nothing better in life than a good skit.

When a 30-minute comedy is well done, it is something you can revisit again and again, finding new joy in familiar characters and jokes every time.
So you have already watched [Deep breath] The Simpsons (Disney plus), 30Rock (Hulu), Seinfeld (Netflix), the office (Peacock), Futurama (Hulu), new girl (Netflix), Martin (HBO MAX), stop development (Netflix), it’s always sunny in Philadelphia (Hulu), Rick and Morty (Hulu) and Adventure Time (Hulu and HBO Max). Do you know?

We are here to help you surpass these classics, with a selection of classic sitcoms, modern work comedies, fantasy series, and more for you to enjoy at home.

American players and spoilers

Maestros Tony Jacinda and Dan Pirro of the satirical series directed this surprisingly funny and touching series about cute “confident idiots” and the problems they face. The first is American Saboteur, a real police documentary that simulates and contains two seasons in which two reporters investigate juvenile pranks. The second, gamer, is one of the best shows in 2022, imitating sports documentaries in an e-sports environment.

Yasinda and Perrault’s appreciation and mastery of what they call types and subtypes elevated the original stupid TV comedy into truly excellent TV. The impeccable two senses of detail, the production design of the show, and the enlightening cast of actors (and non-actors) who are qualified under the radar plunge the audience into the complete absurdity of unforgettable excessive skills-photoelectric

U.S. spoilers are streaming on Netflix. Gamers have flocked to Paramount Plus.


The Larry Sanders Show

As a direct predecessor of 30 Rock, The Larry Sanders Show is a comedy series that follows the staff of a late-night talk show. Garry Shandling plays the show’s host Larry Sanders, while Jeffrey Tambor is his close partner Hank Kingsley. Jeremy Piven, Janine Garofalo and Bob Odenkirk appeared as star characters early in their careers, with many guest stars being exaggerated versions of themselves.

However, for me, the real star of The Larry Sanders Show is Artie Rip Torn, the producer of the show. No one on earth could express a line with such a sharp mind as the torn road, and the hustle and bustle of the Larry Sanders show gave him a lot of excellent material. I miss the torn tear! – M H

Larry Sanders’ show airs on HBO Max.


Team members’ more Moderna blueprint travel comedy It’s sunny Theo in Philadelphia, legendary quest is a place where you get lost in a video game studio. The studio creates MMORPGs from the style of b, and is in a difficult transition period between launching and active projects. Rob McElhinney is Ian Grimm, he is the creator of the “genre”, he gradually became the architect of its creation and its ten. He is the creator of chef Bobby Lee. In addition to the elite, he is also related to the current maintenance, so this is a certainty for its former residents.

Legendary research isô, Miss Il Australia Millie’s understanding of the video game industry, most other major productions are played in the world. Conspiracy will break records or come out touting if the office meets the root cause of the importance and impact of pre-puberty traffic in sleep approval on global success. I have a lot of time to ask Oscar F. Murray Abraham (Oscar F.Murray Abraham) Pays tribute to a famous romanticist who embodied ancient science fiction and was the backing of the main caravan of the jour-a seat made up of misunderstandings and contradictions. Nothing is the best seat. Photovoltaic power generation

Legendary missions are available for streaming on Apple Plus.


Unraveling is a passionate British comedy about two strange eccentrics dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting in a small British town. These two heroes, two men in midlife crisis, are perfectly interpreted by the model Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean movie) and the exceptional actor Toby Jones. Their chemical reaction is electrical, which keeps the performance alive even in quiet moments.

Although this show is ostensibly about their passion for metal detectors, it portrays a rich picture of a small community and what we do to keep our lives happy, as well as the challenges of male bonding (with brilliant performances by the actors of the group (including one of the last performances of the legendary Diana Rigg), it is a lively and sweet show that is worth your time. – M H

The detectors broadcast on Acorn TV, use free library cards on pandemonium or watch commercials for free on Toby channels, Pluto TV and Roku.

Sports party

Aaron Sorkin’s first TV show may be his best, a workplace comedy series of sports news programs. His fast and witty writing is ideal for watching the evening news, where tensions are high, deadlines still exist, and of course, people walk while talking.

Josh Charles and Peter Krause are the co-hosts of the fantasy show and long time buddies, loosely based on the former duo of Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick at the Sports Center. They have come a long way in broadcasting programs, and as trusted friends/casual competitors, they are confident in their opinions because they are very talkative.

Sorkin tried to make this more relevant than other sitcoms at the time, in vain for the show to be broadcast without a laugh track. And because in the early days of his career, some of Sorkin’s more radical writing techniques had not yet appeared. -Photovoltaic power generation

Party more

Just like some of the other entries here, Party Down is an “if you know you know” situation. This is a cult comedy that does not live up to the popular appeal. The party is the show. When we are constantly reminded that work is not necessarily a fun place, he basically understands the best function of comedy in the workplace, but good colleagues can make a difference. To be clear, this group of waiters who are trying to do in Hollywood are not necessarily good colleagues. But they are a gold mine for dry and acid comedy, with a dream team of talents in the cast and crew. Sometimes it will get through the working day. – Sasha Melman .

The party can be watched on Hulu and Starz.

Super mall

After the office, it’s simple, there are a large number of workplace comedies trying to do the same thing. The best part about the store is that it does the same thing-a family with a convincing will-they don’t want to-they are in the middle of everything-almost better than everyone else, just by doing something completely different This supermarket even turns cringe-worthy humor into the hustle and bustle of an ordinary humble working day (in a nominally big box store) and explores what this place can actually do for comedy. It’s also fun, with a solid setting and a great interaction with guests. If you like your sitcom with the side of progressive politics, a big department store also covers this. In short, it is a one-stop shop that can meet all your half-hour comedy needs. -Zm

The store is available to watch on Hulu and Peacock.


All three versions of the satirical superhero comedy Tick are worth a look-the original animated version in 1994 and the live performance in 2001 are absolute addicts-but I want to talk about the cool remake in 2016. Peter serafinovich (Peter serafinovich) is a naive tick, with a deep, booming voice, childlike sincerity and curiosity about the world, Griffin Newman (Griffin Newman) Arthur (Arthur) brings.

This is one of the most interesting shows on TV, but since I watched it, it also has a deep meaning to me. Surprisingly, when faced with difficult situations, I often hear Tic’s inspiring cry for Arthur’s powerful evolution: “What are you going to do?”””-Photovoltaic

Tick (2016) can be used for streaming on Prime Video.

Search party (first four seasons)

The search party has many things: satirizing his decision to report on anything from this week; the loneliness of a criminal; a coming-of-age story; and the introspection dystopia of a young white millennial in Brooklyn. One thing is rarely boring, moving from one genre to another and mixing them to propose a brand new world order. Personally, I think this is the first four seasons, but if you are a dozen on a dime, you may form your own opinion. -Zm

Find the largest stream available on HBO.

Girl 5eva

If you, like many of us, are looking for the next dopamine comedy after completing the 30 Rock reboot, then there is no better follow-up than girls5eva. This is a new comedy from the Dina Faye/Robert Karluk production team. After a previous group of teenage girls tried to return to the competition in their forties, the girls had 50 songs and jokes. They will do this and you will not be able to translate for your friends. In the end, for very specific reasons, it occupied a place in our list of the best TVs of 2022. , But the truth is that girls5eva is just a good TV, and everyone deserves to sit down and laugh. -Zm

You can see the girl 5eva rushing to the peacock.

Happy ending

Although my love for happy endings is limited, they are largely limited to certain types of humor in 2010, which have become very bad. However, since this is related to the territory of any friendly relations in 2010, we can forgive them and focus on one part of the happy ending: the rest.

Once the show got into trouble and gave up the concept of two ideas and played the young Ross/Rachel dynamic, Happy Endings was able to fully accept how weird it was, providing some of the fastest jacks, funny gadgets network TV has with a 20-minute sitcom, the actors really have to sing to get to the end, the band’s happy ending-with meta winks and weirdness-is the real deal. This is the chaotic feature of what a group of strange reclusive friends should be. -Zm


Surprisingly, modern taxis still feel this way more than 40 years later. This 1978 Emmy award-winning sitcom tells the dirty style of a taxi driver in New York City. Although it has a multi-camera setup, it still looks like a single-camera sitcom today. Today, the series is known for its wildly stacked cast, including Danny DeVito, Andy Kaufman, Carol Kane, and Tony Danza, but this comedy is also thematically the same, Norman Lear focuses on making people laugh while swinging on big issues. Just like most of the best TV, watching a rented car gives the impression that you see a person avoiding something, if a more responsible person is paying attention, otherwise there will be no. Fortunately, you can pay attention and have fun. -Joshua Rivera

Taxis are available to stream at Paramount Plus and are free with Pluto TV commercials.


Glow, glow

Although more DRAMATIC than most other ENTRIES on this LIST, Netflix GLOW HAS always had A GOOD COMEDY and A MORE COHESIVE CHARACTER WORK. The band behind the production of women’s wrestling shows is an absolute joy for everything, and the interesting but vibrant social dynamics of this group are constant fodder for good bets and keen minds. It will always be a tragedy that we didn’t get more from this show (and we left the third season with uneven and incomplete ratings), but the glow is burning. -Zm

Glow is available on Netflix.

Chewing gum

Michaela Cowell is an absolute powerhouse, she already has a difficult job on her resume (I can destroy you), and appeared in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on deck this fall. But if you haven’t watched her first TV show—she created, wrote, composed and starred in-you missed one of the real jewels in her crown. Equally attentive and compassionate, she grew up in a strict religious family, which made Tracy Gordon’s journey of sexual discovery a full meal.

This is straightforward, not provocative, allowing Tracy’s natural curiosity (and Cowell’s expert comic timing) to lay the foundation for a series of unfortunate events from which we can all learn. -Zm

Chewing gum can be viewed on hbmax.


Please forgive us, if you read this list and think to yourself: “Of course, Fawlty Towers, I think this list should be something I didn’t expect.”But Fawlty Towers has won a place on this list. As the best and the best one, the classic performs better than almost everyone and has withstood the test of time. And (in real British fashion) there are only 12 episodes, and it is often a touchstone that people can’t see.

The premise is simple: nervous and exhausted hotelier Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) and his wife Sybil (Brunella scales) are trying to get this honorary hotel through a series of strange guests and funny cheating antics. Although the series did not receive much praise when it was first created, now we can recognize the absolute joy in the farce that still happens in every episode, every tangled plot, until the fuse finally hits. This is a simple comedy gold, so it ranks first in every sense. -Zm

Fawlty Towers can be streamed on BritBox, as well as digital purchases on Apple, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu.

Chip by chip

Flabage mercilessly plunged into the chaotic life of a woman who couldn’t stop her from self-destruction. Flippage, directed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is not the first series to fully use the “character breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the audience” scheme, but uses it to produce spectacular and destructive effects. The first season was very sharp and interesting, but the second season took all these walks and animated scenes and turned them into a sadly beautiful, bittersweet love story-it’s amazing, that-Petrana Radulovich

Flippage can be used for streaming on Prime Video.


The community follows a group of unlikely community college students who gather in a study group. This is a show presented by its colorful and eclectic characters-played by star actors-otherwise they would never interact, and some of the best episodes are just them arguing at the research table. Of course, some of the other best episodes include school-wide paintball battles, parodies of beloved movie and TV genres, and the increasingly complex and chaotic plans of the school dean. -Public relations

The community can be streamed on Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu.

Phineas and Ferb

Each episode of Phineas and Ferb only lasts for more than 10 minutes, but each episode is closely drawn, full of complex stories, intertwined with each other. All these plots contain a certain degree of certainty: Phineas and Ferb will always make an interesting device; their sister Candice always tries to destroy it; their pet platypus, a secret spy, will always but these guarantees are just the starting point that this show can be used to launch itself in a completely wild and exotic direction. This is the perfect quick laugh on a cloudy day. -Public relations

Phineas and Ferb can stream on Disney plus.


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